About us

Twinlife was established in 2012 by Michel Gien and Christian Jacquemot, with the mission to empower individuals to reclaim ownership of their digital (twin) life.

Drawing from extensive experience in software technology and entrepreneurship, the founders capitalized on their expertise in system software and intricate system integration. Their goal was to enable individuals and organizations to manage their digital communications in accordance with their personal social dynamics, while maintaining full control over their personal data.

Over the years, Twinlife has integrated a wealth of open-source and proprietary technologies, notably WebRTC, the cutting-edge peer-to-peer multimedia protocol standard for the web, into a comprehensive distributed, open, and interoperable mobile communications platform.

At the heart of Twinlife's innovation lies its patented twincode® technology—a highly adaptable programmable relationship model. This technology serves as the backbone for twinme private messenger, a groundbreaking mobile communications service that grants users unprecedented control over their interactions with each correspondent.

In 2022, Twinlife merged with the Skyrock media group, home to Skred messenger, also built on twinme technology. This union aims to safeguard freedom of expression through secure communications.